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What is Upload-Money

Upload-Money is a site to earn money from uploading files.

How to make money?

It's just 3 steps: create an account, Upload Files - for every visit, you earn money. After you have reached your balance of 1.00$, you can withdraw the profits through various means of draw. It's just that easy!

Earnings Referrals

You can earn up to 10% by referring your friends to the site through your referral link.

Remote URL Upload

You can upload your files via URL only and very quickly (only to registered users).

File Upload

You can upload your files in an easy and fast way while ensuring lifetime savings.


Quick support and ready to answer your questions 24/7.

Buy Files

Buy Files

Upload-Money allows you to purchase files, you can now buy files easily and through the following payment methods:

Paypal Bitcoin

Sell your Files

Upload-Money it is also a platform for selling files and getting money! With all the following features:

  • Safety, ease and speed!
  • Receive a commission rate of 70%
  • Create discount vouchers for buyers.

Sell Files

Package Description / Country Earnings per 1000 Views
Mobile / Tablet Desktop
Algeria 4.50$ 5.00$
Australia 6.00$ 6.00$
Canada 8.00$ 8.00$
Egypt 4.50$ 4.50$
France 7.00$ 7.00$
Germany 7.00$ 7.00$
Kuwait 5.25$ 5.25$
Morocco 4.50$ 4.50$
Saudi Arabia 5.00$ 5.00$
Spain 6.25$ 6.00$
United Kingdom 8.00$ 8.00$
United States 8.00$ 8.00$
All Other Country 4.00$ 4.00$